Sunday, January 18, 2015


 A few years ago, my stepson and his wife bought us a Belgian waffle maker. I used it occasionally, using a scratch recipe (because despite claims by all those waffle/pancake batter box mixes, waffle and pancake batter are NOT the same thing). My husband lamented that we didn't have a real waffle maker and let me tell you that those little buggers are not easy to find. It seems that everyone is on a Belgian kick.

After some searching, I found that Cuisinart makes a "classic" waffle maker for $30 so I bought one. It works great! We've been having waffles quite a bit lately.

While doing research on waffle makers, I discovered that actual Belgian waffles use a different recipe from regular waffles. There was a recipe in The Joy of Cooking so I tried out.

What a complicated recipe!

Belgian waffles use yeast instead of baking powder so there was the yeast to prepare in warm milk.  Then there was the stick and a half of butter that had to be melted and then allowed to cool.  Grr.  The three eggs for the batter had to be separated (took me four eggs to get three separated eggs).    The yokes went in with the yeast and all the other ingredients (like the four cups of flour and 3 cups of warm milk).  The whites had to be beaten to soft peaks and then folded in which was nearly impossible because of the density of the regular batter.  Then you had to cover it and let it rise for an hour. 

I told my husband that was the first and last time I would be making the batter and he gave me this look that said, "but they were good."


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