Sunday, June 26, 2016

Catching up!

I've been off the blogsphere quite a bit this year.  Sorry.  But here's a run down of what I've been up to recently.


I'm still seeking a full time teaching job.  I've had one interview so far and my local district has several positions open so I'm hoping to get one.  If not, I'll be subbing.  I also have been grading standardized tests and found out I'll be scoring leader for the next session.


My girls will both be full-time in school next year!  Finally!  My six year old passed Kindergarten reading on grade level!  That is incredible since she really didn't start talking at all until age 4 and didn't say a sentence until age 5.  We are also expecting another grandchild (a boy) so that's more ornaments to stitch.

My daughters are into Tsum Tsum (these adorable little Disney plushes).

The Five year old's collection

The Six year old's collection
We also have some Build a Bear Ponies which have recently joined us.  


I have had a few small finishes, but I am mainly working on Gathering Honey which I plan to enter into the fair in August.

A finished Long and Winding Road

A finished Dandy Wishes

A baby shower present
Work in Progress: Mini Twist from Stitchybox

My fair piece: Gathering Honey


My husband, who totally understand me, let me get stash at the LNS for Mother's Day.  I picked up an 11x11 QSnap and a needle keeper (which I love) as well as the fixings for the bird ornament out of last year's JCS Ornament issue, some Kreinik and silk for another WIP and the GA Chalk for the Winter Chalkboard.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Blog Hop - June

stitching bloggers blog hop for june 2016 thrift store finds and stories

I've been off the blogosphere for awhile now.  I was correcting standardized tests for most of April and May so my laptop was busy reading all those student written essays.  So, I'm back for the summer with a blog hop.  I haven't done one in awhile.

I have some great thrift store finds.  I have SCRAP, a "creative reuse store" which is a thrift store for craft items and other things that could be used as art.  They've moved to a new location and raised some of their prices but I still go there occasionally to see what I find.  I've found some amazing patterns, old magazines, kits and fabric.

This tote was only $3
Found my Fuji pattern for $2

And this whole lot of linen was like $4-5
My other, but not cross stitch related, find was these Boomwhackers.  They retail  for $25.  I got them for $2