Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - The Year in Review

2014 was a busy year.  My husband got a promotion to manager at work and I earned my Master's Degree in teaching.

I participated in Stitch from Stash hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching.  I was able to finish 18 pieces during the year but I have a full WIP basket because I started a bunch of pieces on Mother's Day.

I also entered a piece in the local fair for the first time and got a blue ribbon!

Hopefully, next year will be just exciting.  I have decided to try a reading challenge I found on Facebook.  It should be easier to read now that I am not having to read so much for school.  I am also doing Stitch from Stash again.  So, stay tuned for more updates and as always, I look forward to hearing from everyone.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Return to Blogging

I got a bit of stitching in these last few days. 

I finished up the border on the right side and added a few more letters.  

Snow White continues to crawl at a snail's pace.  I added some to the left side of the tree.  Can't really tell though!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Behind the String - Pooh Ornament

Welcome to a Christmas edition of Behind the String.  Hope y'all had a great holiday.

My youngest daughter, Adèle, has PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified) which is related to Autism (she has not been formally diagnosed with ASD yet).  Even though she is almost four, she has very few words (most of them are about food) and mostly speaks in jargon.

She's very cute though

For my 2012 ornament for Adèle's ornament box, I made a Pooh ornament from a kit that I got at SCRAP.  I try to make ornaments that match the girls' interests and Adèle enjoys both the original Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the newer Winnie the Pooh that was released a few years ago.

I hung it on the tree this year, toward the bottom.  Adèle was pretty excited about the Christmas tree and ran over to explore it after dinner one night.  She saw this ornament, pointed at it and said, quite clearly, "Pooh."

Obviously, this is huge considering the fact that she's mostly nonverbal.  I guess she liked the ornament.  Score one for Mommy!

And that's the story behind the string.

P.S. After I posted this posting, Adèle saw the picture of her Pooh ornament, pointed at it and said "Pooh."

Friday, December 19, 2014

Stitch from Stash Wrap-up!

I was happy to participate in Stitch from Stash this year hosted by Mel over at Epic Stitching.  I have signed up for next year as well.  Since I have finished my degree, I am no longer getting unemployment and my budget will be a bit tighter and I'm sure I won't have a lot to spend on stitching.  I hope to get a job in the fall.  Trying to get a mid-year teaching job is not easy so it will be nice to have a little time off to spend with the girls this spring.

I have plenty of items in my stash to stitch as well as a bunch of UFOs that I created this year to work on.

Here is this year's wrap up.

Total spent:  $118.38 (some of that technically didn't count because of spending bonuses)

Pieces started:
--God is Love (Happy Holidays in Cross Stitch)
--Traveling with Santa (Imaginating, Inc - JCS Ornaments 2013)
--Valentine Hearts (2001 Cross Stitch Designs)
--Walt the Malt (Raise the Roof Designs - JCS Ornaments 2008)
--Irish Blessing (Happy Holidays in Cross Stitch)
--Just One Bite (Dragon Dreams - JCS Ornaments 2013)
--A Year in Cross Stitch Bell Pull - Rose Arbor, Butterfly and Sweet Peas, Grapes and Vines (CS and CC Nov/Dec 1991)
--The Seasons (Bizzi Creations)
--Hardanger pincushion (DMC kit)
--Fuji (Dimples Designs)
--Winter on Logan's Creek (Brigitte Kozma - CS and CC Sep/Oct 1990)
--Starlight Angel (Rebecca Waldrop - Serendipity Designs)
--Quail Family (CS and CC Jan/Feb 1989)
--A Time of Thanksgiving (Cross Stitch! Magazine Number 7)
--Country Grace (CS and CC Dec 1992)
--Decorating the Tree (Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe)
--Jingle as Ye Enter, Jingle as Ye Go (Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe)
--Gathering Honey (CS and CC May/Jun 1987)
--The Rose Garden (CS and CC Sept/Oct 1988)
--Moon (Garfield Ornament)
--Slipping and Sliding (Leisure Arts - Snow Babies Kit)
--Mickey Mouse Wreath (Leisure Arts - Ultimate Collection)
--Pumpkin Sampler (Jeannette Douglas Designs - JCS Sept/Oct 2012)
--The Wrapper (Full Circle Designs - JCS Ornaments 2012)
--Stained Glass Holly (Ink Circles - JCS Jul/Aug 2014)

--Butterfly Rose Cross (HAED)
--Do Not Meddle (Dragon Fire Designs)
--Snow White Discovers the Cottage (MCG Textiles Kit/Thomas Kinkade)
--Sunflower Sampler (CS and CC July/Aug 1992)

--Valentine Hearts (2001 Cross Stitch Designs)
--God is Love (Happy Holidays in Cross Stitch)
--Sparkles (Mosey 'n Me)
--Irish Blessing (Happy Holidays in Cross Stitch)
--Just One Bite (Dragon Dreams - JCS Ornaments 2013)
--Walt the Malt (Raise the Roof Designs - JCS Ornaments 2008)
--Traveling with Santa (Imaginating, Inc - JCS Ornaments 2013)
--The Seasons (Bizzi Creations)
--Autumn Sampler (M Designs - JCS Sept/Oct 2011)
--Decorating the Tree (Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe) 
--Moon (Garfield Ornament)
--Slipping and Sliding (Leisure Arts - Snow Babies Kit)
--Pumpkin Sampler (Jeannette Douglas Designs - JCS Sept/Oct 2012)
--The Wrapper (Full Circle Designs - JCS Ornaments 2012)
--Mickey Mouse Wreath (Leisure Arts - Ultimate Collection)
--Marsh Marigolds on Logan's Creek (Brigitte Kozma - CS and CC May/June 1989)
--Gardener's Cottage (Elizabeth's Designs)
--A Year in Cross Stitch Bell Pull - Rose Arbor, Butterfly and Sweet Peas, Grapes and Vines (CS and CC Nov/Dec 1991)

Stitch from Stash Update - December 2014

Since my mom left Wednesday, I've had a little stitching time.  I've been working on the Sunflower Sampler

There is still a long way to go but I made the side border extend up to the top so I could do the lettering.

I also was able to work on the first page of Fuji.  I thought it was completed but there is actually some backstitching to do as well.

My only finish for the month is the Year in Cross Stitch bellpull

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Crochet Finish

I finished my Peppermint Pillow today.  It will be a present.  The pattern is free on Red Heart's website.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Stitching Q & A

I have been having some fun the last few days with my Mom so I haven't been online much.  We finished our Christmas shopping today which was exciting. 

I thought that it was about time for a Q & A session but no one has posted any questions lately so I thought I would write my own.

1. What holiday(s) do you celebrate in December?

I celebrate the Christian Church seasons of Advent and Christmas.  We don't really do the cult of Santa or Elf on the Shelf with the girls but I know they talk about it at school. We are doing Advent calendars right now with the girls at home.

2. What kinds of holiday decorations do you have in your house?

This year I have two Christmas trees.  One is a 7.5' tree with a mix of secular and sacred ornaments and one is a 4' tree with sacred ornaments only.  I also put out some snowmen, my light up nativity scene and hung up the family stockings that I have stitched.  We did not decorate outside.

3. Do you stitch small holiday items (such as ornaments) or large pictures for this time of year?

As of now, I have only stitched small holiday items.  As an ongoing project, I have been stitching an ornament for each of my girls for each Christmas.  I have also done stockings for each family member along with several other small projects. The only larger project I have done is a
5" x 7" nativity scene which I think is appropriate to hang year round.

4. Do you do any other kinds of crafting this time of year?

I do knit and crochet gifts for people.  I also loom knit a Christmas tree that I use as a decoration.

5. What kind of music do you enjoy this time of year?

I enjoy both sacred and secular Christmas songs and I listen to a variety of artists.  I also enjoy Part 1 of Handel's Messiah which I was privileged to sing with a local choir a few years ago. 

6. Do you have any favorite holiday movies?

Growing up, I remember watching It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, and The Bishop's Wife.  I enjoy classics like White Christmas and Holiday Inn as well as modern classics like The Muppet Christmas Carol, Elf, and The Santa Clause

7. Are there any upcoming holiday projects that you hope to accomplish within your lifetime?

Well, I have the ongoing project of stitching an ornament every year for my children.  Em turns 18 next year so I'm going to "cut her off."  I have a bit of catching up to do with Zoé and Adèle just needs an ornament for this year.  I have not decided if I am going to make a set of ornaments for my step-granddaughter or not.  I also have some LED candles that I would like to turn into working Advent candles but I did not get the chance to try that this year. 


I can tell that Zoé has come so far because this is what she requested for Christmas this year.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Graduation Day!

Finally, the big day arrived yesterday.  I graduated with my Masters of Arts in Teaching from Texas Woman's University (with a 4.0).  Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I got a little bit of stitching in while cleaning everything up for my Mom who will be arriving tomorrow. 

I decided to work on Fuji a bit.  All I had to add to finish out the page was the fuzzy Whisper floss (by Rainbow Gallery).  Now we have a bit of a foot with some fuzzy pussywillows.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Finish

I was able to finish my Year in Cross Stitch Bellpull this weekend.  Here's what it looks like (before any ironing or final finishing.

I finished student teaching as well.  I had an interview last week so we'll see if I'm hired for second semester.