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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Stitchiness

This week has been a definitely winterish week.  We had ice on Monday and Tuesday and the Thursday night, the snow started and we got 5-7 inches which is very rare for north Texas. It is mostly melted today.  Now we're expecting thunderstorms on Tuesday and possibly more snow on Wednesday.  Crazy weather!

I achieved my goal of finishing the border on my Sunflower Sampler!

I got some more work done on my Lights of Advent.  The purple is darker than it looks in the model.  I used the silk.  I'm wondering if the model used the DMC alternatives???  You would think you'd model it with the silk if it's "preferred."  It almost looks black in the picture.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Reading Challenge - February

My bookwormish tendencies have come out with a vengeance.  My new HP Stream 7 makes reading ebooks so much easier and I decided to get a subscription to Scribd.  I like their interface a lot better than Oyster.  It's also a dollar cheaper per month and has audiobooks.  I have not tried the audiobooks yet.  If you want to try it, I can get you a 2 month trial if I refer you (which you can get through me instead of the one month trial you would get by just signing up - don't worry, you can cancel it at any time if you don't like it).

The tablet as has also allowed me to read books from my library on Overdrive.

Here are my reads for February:

A book with more than 500 pages - Insurgent by Veronica Roth

I enjoyed Divergent, so I read the sequels.  I read Allegiant as well but I couldn't find a category for it.  All three of them are long but quickly paced so I read them fast.

A book with nonhuman characters - Dragon Kiss by E.D. Baker

I have the first six books in the Tales of the Frog Princess but only finally got around to finishing the series on Scribd.  The main character in this installment is a dragon.  I also read A Prince Among Frogs which completes the series.

A book by a female author - Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary

I had never read this book before because the cover looked boring but I enjoyed the book,  I have read many of Cleary's other books as a child and loved them.

A book at the bottom of your to-read list - The Winter Room by Gary Paulsen

I'm not a bit Paulsen fan because I hated Hatchet but this has a Newbery honor and it was on Overdrive so I read it even though I was going to wait to get a copy from the library.  It wasn't horrible.

A book that scares you - Dolly Bones  by Holly Black

I didn't want to read this book because it sounded so creepy but it wasn't as bad as I thought.

A book you can finish in a day - El Deafo by Cece Bell

A 2015 Newbery Honor book and a graphic novel.  I loved this book!  Since it was a graphic novel, it was a very quick read.

A book with a love triangle - Unsouled by Neil Shusterman

This is the third book following Unwind.  There is a love triangle between Conner, Risa and Cam.  Cam is the "rewound" person made from carefully selected unwind parts.

A book set in the future - Legacy Code  by Autumn Kalquist

I got this for free off Kindle.  It's a novella about the human race escaping earth and looking for a new planet.  I also read the sequel, Paragon.

A book with a color in the title - Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

This book was heavily favored to win the Newbery this year but it had to settle for an Honor instead.  It is Woodson telling the story of her childhood in poetry.

A book that made you cry - The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

This book won the Newbery medal this year but I wasn't thrilled when I found out it was about basketball.  Instead, I ended up loving it and it made me cry at the end.

A book set during Christmas - The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper

I actually read the whole "Dark is Rising" sequence (Over Sea Under Stone, Greenwitch, The Grey King  and Silver on the Tree) but this is the second book.  It is set around Christmas when Will turns 12 and discovers his destiny (dun dun duh!).

Other books: The Thief  by Megan Whalen Turner and The Moorchild by Eloise Jarvis McGraw which are both 1997 Newbery Honor books. A Gathering of Days by Joan W. Blos is a Newbery Medal winner.

Stitchy Progress

I've been working steadily on my Sunflower Sampler the past few days.  I am happy to report that I finished all the Symerna Crosses in the middle of the center Sunflower.  I also did all the greenery on the left side.  The right sunflower is about half done or so.  I think next I will look at finishing the border before getting back to the unfinished flowers.

I also got a little bit of work on my new ornament.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stash and Stitching

Friday was my wedding anniversary.  We celebrated on Saturday with a visit to the LNS.  My husband bought me a bunch of stash.  He got me the Soie d'Algier silk for the ornament I wanted to stitch and the Sampler Threads I needed for Octopus's Garden.  I also picked up a piece of clearance fabric that looked interesting.  Since it was a gift, I don't have to count it in my budget.

I started on "Lights of Advent" which was the ornament I was contemplating buying the Soie d'Algier for.  I discovered that the substitute DMC colors weren't even close to the colors of the silk so I'm glad I bought it.  The pattern calls for 35 ct. natural linen but the lady at the LNS said going with a 32 ct wouldn't change the size much.  So, I looked in my stash and found a scrap of 32 ct. Vintage Country Mocha Belfast linen

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stitch from Stash Update - February 2015

Month: February

Carryover from January: $25
Amount spent: $62.49
Amount earned: $24
Carryover to March: $11.51

This month was a bit hairy.  I had to make sure to finish some items in order to keep from going over budget.  I am liking that new feature in this version of SfS.

Progress on WIPs

Fuji at January update
Fuji at Feb update - 2 pages finished!
Sunflower Sampler at Jan update
Sunflower Sampler at Feb update (I would say that it's about 75% completed!)
Butterfly Rose Cross at Jan update
Butterfly Rose Cross at Feb Update
Country Grace at the end of 2014
Country Grace at Feb update
Do Not Meddle at Jan update
Do Not Meddle Feb update
I started and finished two ornaments that were in my stash.  Both are for ZoĆ©'s ornament box.

Catnip Christmas
Tigger Candy Cane Ornament
Mel encouraged us to visit other blogs after the January update, so I did.... AND IT MADE ME BUY MORE STASH!!!!  I saw the Blackbirds Designs Beatles series so the majority of my budget this month went toward that.

Yellow Submarine

Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog Hop: Subscriptions

Today's prompt:

What stitching subscriptions do you currently have and love?

Right now, the only subscription I have is to Just Cross Stitch.  I'm in my second year of having a subscription and I bought the DVD that came out a year ago to get all the issues from 2001-2010.  I like the patterns in the magazine because they aren't terribly country or primitive.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another Fuji page finish

Today, I decided to make some headway on Fuji and finished off a page I had started last month.  I only did the gray part of the bird and not the branch on the bottom so the branch was what I did today.

There are two pages left.  One is the top left of the bird and the other is a continuation of the branch.  This bird is not tiny.  He's currently about the size of my foot.

I also got a bit more of the yellow done on the Yellow Submarine.