Ornament Box Project

The Ornament Box Project is an ongoing project to make an ornament each year for each of my daughters from first Christmas through age 18.

For the first Christmas, I make two ornaments.  One is an ornament celebrating baby's first Christmas with a picture of the nativity (a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas in our house).  The second commemorates the baby's baptism.

After the first year, I make one ornament per year.  They are a mix of secular and sacred and I try to base them off the interests of the child for that year.  

When the child is a bit older, I will make a box for the ornaments to go in.  Emily is the only one with a completed box.  Since she is 18, all the ornaments are also completed as well.

Emily's Ornament Box
Zoé's Ornament Box
Adèle's Ornament Box
Evelyn's Ornament Box