Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stitch from Stash Update - January 2015

Month:  January
Amount spent: $0
Amount earned: $0

I did not spend anything this month!  I have an ulterior motive, though, as I will possibly be spending over $25 for next month's budget and since we can't "spend ahead," I had to save up and wait. 

I did a fair amount of stitching this month, but I've been crocheting some stuff so that's taken some "stitchy" time away from regular cross stitch but I did work on four projects.

Butterfly Rose Cross as of Jan 1

Butterfly Rose Cross for January Update

Do Not Meddle as of Jan 1
Do Not Meddle for January Update
Sunflower Sampler as of Jan 1
Sunflower Sampler for January Update
Fuji as of Jan 1
Fuji for January Update
For this year's Stitch from Stash, we get "stash credit" for completing items.  I'm not sure how that's going to work in my case since my pieces are all in progress and I don't stitch in order by the grid.  I guess I'll figure it out if I finish anything.  Fuji is actually at least 50% completed.  I want to finish the current page before switching projects.  The black thread you can see is actually silk and has been nice to stitch with.


  1. Great work and well done on a zero spend - I'm curious as to your big spend next month

  2. Well done on your budget!
    Your WIP's are fabulous!!!


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