Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did I meet my goals?

So, I found my list of goals for 2010.  Let's see if I met them.

1. Zoé's stocking - Completed!

2. Family Portrait - not done
3. Teacup Bellpull - Completed!

4. Emily's Stocking - Completed!

5. Kenny's Stocking - not done

So, I got 60% of my goals done.  Not bad since I took several months off blogging and stitching when things got too much with the baby.  And I got other stuff done too like these:

Give Thanks

Bear Up

Patterned Hat

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Christmas Tree


  1. With a child under one & baby on the way (plus working full-time), you accomplished much more than I would have. I listened to audiobooks while son slept....little stitching....cleanup a bit, then he was awake & rolling around. Emptying the rag drawer was a favorite activity....didn't fold them & unwrapping pads for some tossing toilet paper as I expected. Like the 5 - 7 year old stage better.


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