Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yay! We found the patterns!

So, many years ago, my grandmother was visiting at our church during Christmas time and admired the ornaments on the trees.  They're called Christums (I think I spelled it right).  And they look something like this:

 But they come in many shapes and forms.

My grandmother liked it so much, she bought the patterns for them and made a whole set for the tree at her church.  Unfortunately, the church burned down several years ago and all her ornaments were lost except the one I have pictured, my mother has an identical one and there is also a different style one she has as well.

I thought about making some more but I didn't have the patterns.  I thought my aunt had them in which case I figured I'd never see them since she has all of Grandma's cross stitching stuff and is keeping it even though she doesn't stitch any more.  But, I found out today that they're in my Mom's basement along with beads and other assorted materials.  Yay!

I have made some more progress on Home is Where the Cat is.  I found out the official title is "Cat in Chair" (how BORING!).  I'll post a picture tomorrow.

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