Friday, January 14, 2011

It sort of looks like a cat now...

So, I've made some progress on "Cat in Chair" (what a boring name, I prefer to call it "Home is Where the Cat is"). 

You can kind of see the cat now and the outline of the chair...well sort of.

I'm getting a little frustrated with this kit.  The chart is very hard to read because of the way they do the backstitching lines.  They cut across the actual stitches and there have been some I wasn't sure which color it was supposed to be.

Also, look at how much finishing room they gave me:

It's like an inch and a quarter of extra fabric...(I did center it BTW, there's going to be a lamp on the left hand side).  Wonderful.

On a completely unrelated note, all the pregnant woman wanted today was chicken liver.  Money's tight so I said I wouldn't sent my DH to Chicken Express, we'll just go to the grocery store and get the container for $2 and I'll make them myself.  We finally got out to get some at 8:30pm.  We had to go to two stores.  I got home at 10 pm ....and they were frozen solid.  I got so frustrated I quit.  No liver for me tonight.  My DH felt bad. 

Nesting has set in as well.  I pulled all the newborn clothes out of the closet and washed the cover of the bassinet.  Soon, I'll be packing my hospital bag (4-7 weeks to go and I was early last time so better be prepared).  Next week, I think I'll boil the bottles and the pieces to my Medelia pump.

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  1. Cute cat pic. Sounds like the mom to be is getting ready to go to the hospital. Don't forget the stitching (like I did).


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