Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

So, it's 2011.  New year.  Expecting some new things like the baby.  Hopefully a new job.  Still stitching

So, I decided to start the finishing process on some of my Christmyth.  My husband and I went to Hobby Lobby on Friday and got some polyfill.  Then I went to work.

The mermaid is stitched on Aida and was extremely hard to turn.  If I have to do anymore of these on a light fabric, I will find a scrap of evenweave instead.   The backing fabric was left over from what I used to make a tree skirt for my Christmas tree and is kind of a corduroy.  The next step will be to get some gold cording and put that around the edges but I'll wait to do that until later.  As you can see from the sidebar, I still have about 7 more to do and there are 2 more finished that I have to make into pillows.

I also got some fabric to use to finish my Noah's Ark.  I want to make it into a wall hanging for the baby's room.  I plan to use the same fabric to mat it as well.

I also got some fabric for some upcoming projects.  I wanted to use linen for the wedding sampler but it was oober expensive and I think the antique white evenweave will work rather nicely.  The hardanger is for when I get the nerve to try out the heart in my future projects album and the bread cover....well that's for a surprise.  I don't even have that project listed.


  1. Nice looking pillows Joy! Greetings from Finland!

  2. Your projects turned out really nice.


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