Sunday, December 12, 2010

Petit Christmas Tree

I have mostly finished the Christmas Tree I was knitting based off the "Patriotic Decoration" on the KK website.

The original calls for 15 discs to be knitted.  I decided to go with 6.  Of course, you can feel free to use as few or as many as you like.

The basic instructions are to e wrap the loom 3 times and knit 1 over 2.  After knitting the amount of rows called for, do a gather finish to remove the stitches from the loom, leaving a 1/2" hole in the middle for the dowel.  Using the loops from your cast on, gather the bottom as well leaving a 1/2" hold in the middle as well.  It will form a disc.
This is the size of the discs on my tree
Blue Loom:  15 rows, 21 rows
Red Loom:  24 rows, 30 rows
Green Loom: 27 rows, 30 rows

To finish,  you slide the rows through a 1/2" dowel cut to size (I have to find my saw to do this).  I have not decided how to top my tree off yet.  I may make a plastic canvas star.  You can decorate it anyway you want.  I chose to use gold Glitterspun yarn.  You could also use beads.


  1. Love the addition of the gold cord! All you need now is a pretty gold star on top.

  2. I have seen this on Provo craft page, and thought about doing the same thing and make a Christmas tree. Now that i have seen it done i am definitely going to make me one. It would look pretty in different colors done in holiday Christmas yarns.


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