Saturday, December 4, 2010

Catching up on UFOs

Ma Teakettle (of Teakettle Corner, see blogs that I follow) is joining a year long project to finish a bunch of WIPs.  So, I decided after looking through my stash that I probably should finish off some WIPs before jumping into something new although I don't have a lot of UFOs (that I know of).  It's a combo of knitting and cross stitch:

UFO #1:  Carnival Throw  --  This is out of one of the KK mini books.  In the book it's supposed to be yellow and aqua green (um, no....) but I'm using Wool-Ease worsted weight yarn in Blue Heather and Wheat.  I actually have the three blue panels completed but I have one oatmeal one done but I discovered....IT'S TOO SHORT!  AAAAAARRRGGHH!

UFO #2:  Do Not Meddle -- This is a cross stitch pattern.  Unfortunately, I stopped it because there is some frogging to do.

UFO #3:  Christmyth --  I was doing the Christmyth ornaments off of Dragon Dreams.  I stopped in the middle of the Griffin.  I think there's some frogging to do there as well.  There are actually several more, not sure if I will do those just yet though.

UFO #4: Ruana  --  I started this before I got married in the fall in Wisconsin (you know, getting's nice and's like a blanket shawl....) but it takes awhile because it's not the twisted knit stitch and it's got cables.  Yeah.  Then I needed the round yellow loom for something and so I took it off.  I will finish it if I can get it back onto the loom.  That should be interesting. becomes a ball of yarn.

UFO#5 Family Portrait --  This was supposed to be a present for my friends Luke and Jen for the birth of Nora....who's now 1 1/2.....yeah.  It's still quite unfinished.  If I ever finish it, it'll probably go to them anyway.  They'll think it's cute.

UFO #6 Kinkade --  Since I just started it, it's at the bottom of the list.  Not sure I'll get at it this year.

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