Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Birthday Presents

So today is my 26th birthday.  Feel really old.  Could just be the pregnancy though....

So my husband made me chocolate chip and walnut pancakes for breakfast and he baked a German chocolate cake which we have yet to try.  And I got Toy Story 3 and a gift card to Olive Garden from my mom and then I got these as well from Steven and Ashley (I love case you're wondering):

I especially love the lamp so my husband's going to set it up for me on my nightstand.  He's very pensive.  And cute.  But then again, treefrogs have that whimsical look on their faces all the time so it's hard to have an uncute treefrog.

Had today approved to take off but my FMLA leave ate up all my paid time off so it's off to work for me today for 10 hours :'(

At least tomorrow, my husband is taking me to Outback with the gift cards I got from work (we get points for doing well in metrics) and Steven and Ashley are watching the baby so it will be a baby-free meal!

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