Sunday, December 5, 2010

Knifty Knitter Patterns I Can Recommend

For any references I make to books/pamphlets, see the links in the sidebar to the list of books that I use.

Afghan Shawl (Loom Crafts with Knifty Knitter)
My mother joined a knitting circle at church and the project was to make shawls for shut ins.  I started with this shawl.  It uses the blue long loom (unfortunately, one of the pegs broke on mine and my husband tried with his strongest glue to glue it didn't stay and this will use all the pegs).  Basically, you start with a tube using one over two stitch then switch to knitting across the loom in ribbed stitch for the majority of the shawl then back to a tube so it has 'cuffs'.  Makes a very very warm shawl.  Also uses my favorite yarn, Lions Brand Homespun.  Unfortunately, I don't have a pictures since I made it and then gave it away.

Drawstring Purse (Learn New Stitches on Circle Looms)
Not very hard to make.  You will have to make a long i cord for the handle but I thought this was a great little purse.  There is a picture of this in my Picasa album

Diamond Lace Shawl (Learn New Stitches on Circle Looms)
This was a more difficult pattern.  I didn't use a fuzzy yarn so you can see the pattern more clearly.  Very light and airy.  Was also supposed to be for a shut-in but they stopped the project before I finished.  Also a picture on my Picasa album.

Metallic Shawl (Knitting with the Knifty Knitter II)
I used a thicker yarn so it looks different, however it's a very versatile pattern.  Picasa album.

Christmas Stocking (Knitting with the Knifty Knitter)
Makes a very large Christmas Stocking and it wasn't hard.  The hardest part was the heel.  Picasa album.

Tassel Shawl (KK Website)
I made this for a friend and she absolutely loved it.  It's very interesting because you increase and decrease a lot.  You will need the tassel maker for it because it needs the tassels to complete the look.

Baby Mitts and Booties (KK Website)
I have made these several times for people with babies and they go over really well.  The use the flower loom.  The only modification I make is with the booties, after the cuff is made, I start knitting around the loom so I don't have to sew it up at the end.  It works just fine. 

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