Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and some progress

So, this Christmas was a success.  My brother and sister-in-law really liked the scarf and hat that I gave them and the mother-in-law liked the Amish quilt cross stitch piece.  With a little help, we were able to make Zoé's and Emily's Christmas as well.  

The little Googie got a tent from her big brother and sister with a tunnel and a keyboard and a xylophone (all noisy toys, notice) and lots of clothes and board books.  Emily got the jeans she wanted and makeup and art supplies.  Ken and I decided not to really do gifts for each other but I did get mint M&Ms and he got a 90% dark chocolate bar (I don't understand the man, he licks the bowl when I melt unsweetened baker's chocolate and this is pretty darn close to that).

Spent today designing a wedding sampler for my stepson and his wife.  I couldn't find anything that I thought they'd like so this is kind of a blackwork sampler.  I haven't decided if I should put more stuff in or spread everything out and start stitching.

I also made some progress on my "Do Not Meddle" piece.  I think once I finish filling in the wing, I will rotate to another project.

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  1. Really great progress on your stitching!

    Mary Louise


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