Thursday, December 30, 2010

Organizing some Stash

So, Doctor's visit today was successful.  Was told to drink more water.  At 31 weeks, safe to deliver at 37 but he won't think of inducing until 39 or 40 if I'm dilated.

So, I've been drinking water and organizing my stash.  So, I took some pictures.  Warning:  Image heavy
This is for you Chris, and your resolution for fewer frogs!  ;)
I keep most of my smaller books and pamphlets in a  file box.  I also have my Aida and some remnants of fabric in it as well along with some cheap non-DMC floss that I originally got when I first started to not do kits (didn't know any better).  It used to fit a lot more but like any good stitcher, I've acquired stuff over the years.
These were like $1 apiece at Aidaworks so I picked them up last year.  Not sure when I'll get around to them.
I like to design my own little things but I can't come up with them from scratch, I normally combine motifs.  So, the alphabet books come in handy.  Only problem---none of the alphabets come with a set of numbers....
These are the mini books I originally got when I first started off kits.  I really really like the 365 book.  I did the mini samplers for the little perpetual calendar I made for my mother and she loved it.
I love Beatrix Potter, so I ordered these back when I first moved out and was single.  Some day I will do the cute guinea pigs gardening.  I already used the mini book to do a birth sampler for one of my friends (see finished pieces)
I used to like cats more so I picked these up.  Maybe I'll do something for my Mom or Emily out of them.
I bought an afghan and was going to do it all Disney but never did.  Now, I probably will end up doing some Pooh and Princess stuff for the babies.
I did the Fairy Tale Sampler but haven't got around to the other two yet.
Some really great stuff in here.  I originally was going to do my bedroom in Fantasy when I lived alone.  Now that I'm married, well, those cottages that are in my future pieces album are most likely going to be done first.
These are more from the $1 bin at one of the WI LNS stores.  I was hoping to get more of the Staff Dragons but unfortunately, I never heard back when I wrote to the designer :(
More random books.  The bears are cool.
My Christmas stuff.  I like to do small ornaments since I don't know what to do with the bigger pieces when it's not Christmas anymore.
Hee hee.  Frogs
And lastly, some random stuff that people have given me but I'll probably never do. 

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