Sunday, June 21, 2015

Caught up on Ornaments!!! (Until next Christmas at least)

I rallied and managed to get completely caught up on all the girls' ornaments!

My latest finish is actually hot off the press, out of the August 2015 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Preview!  I started it with my digital edition and then my magazine showed up yesterday.  I ended up using mostly DMC as I only had one of the required WDW colors but I think it looks fine.

Shining in the Night
SamSarah JCS Aug. 2015
My garden has actually produced a lone cherry tomato.  Yes, it is supposed to be yellow.

My husband and I went to a book sale yesterday in Dallas. I made out quite good.  I think the best book was an anthology of William Steig books.  It had barely been used.

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