Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Box from Silver Needle

I have quite a surplus of budget left and I still had some graduation money left so I decided to order a pattern I have wanted for awhile.  Victoria Sampler no longer carries the accessory pack for just the single ornament so I had to order the new leaflet and fabric and accessory pack.  The fabric that was originally used is no longer produced so apparently the Victoria Sampler commissioned Picture This Plus to create a replacement.  Oooh.

I have never ordered from The Silver Needle before but I actually have some stuff from them that I've found at SCRAP.  They are a larger brick and mortar LNS based in Tulsa OK.

The box came today.

Everything was nicely wrapped in this colorful paper.  They also threw in some individually wrapped Jelly Bellys.  OOOOOH!

This was my order: leaflet, accessory pack and fabric.  Don't the cupcakes just look  delectable?
They were also nice enough to throw in some free patterns and a pen.

Now, I'm just waiting on another order from Needle in a Haystack in Alameda (which is a much much much further drive than Tulsa), where the people are also very nice and helped me locate a fabric for yet another Victoria Sampler piece.  I've never stitched them before.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh boy Joy, that is some awesome stash! I love those cupcakes and eat them up. I adore just how sweet anything from The Silver Needle arrives, all pretty and wrapped in tissue with a treat or two thrown in!
    I shop at Needle in a Haystack a lot now that we are in CA, though she is up north and I am down south, her stuff arrives is my go to LNS online.
    Enjoy your new treats and have a great week!


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