Sunday, June 28, 2015

An Ornament with a Special Purpose

I recently blogged on Stitching the Night Away about using ornaments and smalls in lieu of samplers for special occasions.

I've been wanting to stitch a memorial for a friend for awhile but my self-designed attempts fell flat.  While looking for an ornament for my daughter, I ran across a pattern that seemed perfect for my purposes.

It's called "Peace" by The Stitcherhood out of the JCS Ornaments 2013
I'm making some modifications.  First, I'm omitting the "peace" in the upper left hand corner and replacing it with different text.  I'm going to make it a double-sided ornament so I cam put the name and years of life on the back.  I also added blending filament in the snowflakes and the candle flame.

The interesting thing is, when you pull the floss for this, the colors look nothing like they do on the black Aida.  They are extremely muted but the black makes them brighter.  My kudos to the designer.

I've already started stitching and have completed most of the ornament.  Stitching is fast when there's only four colors!

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