Friday, June 19, 2015

A New Finish *Edit*

Currently, I'm working on getting caught up on my Christmas Ornaments.  I had finished Emily's ornaments (up until this year) and now I have Adele caught up.  Hers just needs final finishing but the stitching is done.

Tweet Gift
Full Circle Designs

She seems to approve of the ornament, except she thinks the birds are chickens.  Oh, well.

This piece calls for a lot of overdyed cotton. I only had three colors of it so I used what I had and used DMC for the rest and it turned out fine.  I also had to substitute the Silver HL for the regular Silver Kreinik braid but it doesn't seem to have made a huge difference either.  Hooray for being resourceful.

I realized that I've stitched a Full Circle piece before but it didn't hit me until I started the border.

This ornament I did for Em is also Full Circle Designs
I have just started a brand new piece out of the brand new JCS Ornament Preview!  I don't often work on brand new pieces so it's a bit exciting.  Stay tuned!

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