Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Star Trek New Frontier Blind Man's Bluff

Blind Man's Bluff (Star Trek: New Frontier, #18)Blind Man's Bluff by Peter David

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The beginning of this book starts with Calhoun on Xenex back as a freedom fighter against the Brethren.  Going back in time a bit, the pieces unfold on how he got there.

Morgan Primus is getting out of control and Calhoun knows it.   At the beginning of the book, we see things start to go in motion for some kind of plot against Calhoun.  When the plot is executed, Calhoun is summoned to Xenex and then is left there.  Morgan makes it look like he beamed back up so the crew has no idea he's down there and Morgan blocks all his transmissions.

Morgan then brings the Excalibur to New Thallon and attacks the planet.  Everyone in Starfleet thinks that Calhoun is out of control and a manhunt ensues for the Excalibur which is now at the whim of a mad computer.

Meanwhile, Soleta is enlisting the help of the Doctor and  Seven of Nine to find someway to get rid of Morgan.

David often likes to go back and forth in time to tell his story.  He's good at it and it's easy to follow the story without too much confusion.

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