Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Friendship

I'll admit back in school, I wasn't very popular.  I didn't hang out in the "in-crowd" and I really didn't have a lot of friends.  Close friends.  I went to school at a Lutheran school so there were between 25-30 of us every given year and we grew up together.  It's not like public school where there are several different classrooms for each grade and you were shuffled every year.  Also, because it was a private school, the kids I went to school with didn't live in my neighborhood and we didn't move to a house until 2nd grade so until then there weren't a lot of kids in the condo complex.

I did, however, have one best friend.  Her name is Katy.  We started preschool together when we were 4.  We've grown apart a little since she lives in Chicago where she's an art teacher and I live here in Texas but she's actually Adèle's godmother.  When we were in 7th grade we went to camp together.  She was one of my few grade school classmates that actually went to the Lutheran High School in Milwaukee so we saw each other in high school.  Not so often though because she was an artist and I was a musician and also taking advanced classes.  However, we were lab partners in Advanced Chemistry together (I did all the charting math stuff, she did the stirring chemicals and blowing stuff up).

That's us when we graduated from high school.

Here are my two friends Jenny and Krista who followed me to college.  Krista was my first roommate.  Currently, she's in Hawaii on internship with the Army.  She's studying to be a psychologist.  Jenny married a farmer.  I really do need to look her up sometime as she's not on facebook.  I'll have a lot of extra time here in a few months.

I made lots of friends in college but sadly, distance keeps us apart once again (they're mostly all teachers).  I devoted a whole two page spread of my scrapbook to my college friends (there's also some goofy pictures of me mixed in there too). 

Since I worked in the cafeteria, it was my job to call my friends and tell them if there was pork fritters at night on the weekends.  I will have to get postcards made of a pork fritter and mail it to each of them. :)

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