Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kenny

I have decided to devote the letter K to my loving husband.

We've been married for three years.  We really only dated for a month before we got married.  Here's the story:

Kenny and I went to the same college to study for the ministry.  He was going to be a second-career pastor and I was going to be a teacher.  We had some mutual friends but didn't really talk much and he was married at the time with three kids.  Then, the summer after I graduated, his wife decided to leave him for another man.  She wanted to take his daughter so to stop her, he moved to Texas.  He won primary custody in the divorce but kept in touch with his friends up north on a chat board that one of our mutual friends started.

I was invited to join that same board and we started talking just casually.  Then one day, I made a comment about Peter Frampton of all people.

That got us really talking.  And by really talking, I mean I burned through my 1000 whenever minutes in a week and had to change to myFaves so I'd get unlimited calling.  I made arrangements to come visit him for his birthday but instead we ended up eloping and I moved down to Texas.

Here's us on our wedding day.

Now here we are three years and two children later.

And when people ask me how I could marry someone after only just talking for a few months and marry someone 20 years my senior to boot, I just say that when you're in love and that person's the one, you just know.  Why drag it out?


  1. What a great story - and - when it's right it's right!!

  2. What a cute couple! Congratulations on your first 3 happy years together!


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