Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Mom

Since I did D for my Dad, it's only fair to devote M to my Mom.

Mom was a stay-at-home Mom.  She also insisted that I went to Lutheran school for all of my schooling, despite a bit of protest from my Dad (he wasn't Lutheran).  That is something that I'm glad she insisted on now that I'm old enough to have children of my own and start considering school for them.

Mom and I don't always see eye to eye but that's bound to happen when Irish blood is involved.

Here's us on our trip to Disney World back in 2007.
So, it's been pointed out today that I didn't blog much about my Mom.  In order to make A to Z work with my work schedule,  I have to do all my posting well in advance and schedule them to post as I work 40 hours in 10 hour segments (plus add 1 hour lunch and 2 hours travel time, so it's really a 13 hour day).  I started this Wednesday or Thursday but got writer's block and didn't finish :(  So, I shall continue.

My Mom is the reason that I'm into books.  She read to me all the time.  We wore out my baby board books in no time.  She told me that we got a book from the library when I was 1 1/2 or so and I made her read it to me like 30 something times in a row.  I tried to find that book as a present, but sadly, I can't find it anywhere.  I had my nursery rhyme books memorized by age 2 1/2 and I was reading well before Kindergarten.  In fact, I read this piddly little books in Kindergarten, then came home and we read chapter books.  We also did all the summer reading programs at the library.

She's also the reason I started piano.  We'll get to that at the letter P.

True, she wasn't too thrilled when I eloped and didn't tell her.  I had tried to tell her that Kenny and I were serious but she didn't like the idea of me with a divorce guy.  However, since she's realized that he shares my religious beliefs and that he's a good guy, I think she's accepted him.  She also loves her little granddaughters and has traveled down here 3 times now to see them.  She almost saw Zoé born but I went into labor about 8 hours after her flight left.  Go figure.


  1. Your poor mom didn't get much of a showing off. What about love? I guess, because you didn't see eye to eye, you surpressed your feelings. The funny thing about that is, when your mother dies, they all surface and you wish you'd been kinder, more forgiving. Believe me, I know. Don't leave it too late to bridge the gap. Blog on!

    1. Actually, I try to blog on the run with two babies while working 40 hours per week (10 hours each Thurs, Fri, Sat) so I wrote this Wed night and didn't get a chance to go back and add anything before it automatically posted today. Otherwise I would have said more. Not to mention that my husband's power source for his laptop died and we're sharing...

  2. It's good to honor our parents. In fact it's a commandment.

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