Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Loom Knitting

I tried to learn how to knit the "normal" way.  Really, I did try.  My mother taught me and I was trying to learn how to knit this pillow.  It had dark blue and light blue stripes and like 80 stitches across.  I started knitting it in 3rd grade and when I was 21, I decided to tear it out.  Wasn't had only grown like 6 inches in length.  Epic fail.

Then, when I was 22, I discovered loom knitting.  I bought the long loom knit set and started knitting scarves and stuff.  Then I got the round looms and did hats and branched out from there.

I know a lot of needle knitters turn their noses at us (and crocheters too).  But, really, it's really hard to drop stitches and I don't have the problem with my stitches looking all uneven.

Plus with the long looms (aka knitting boards), you can do nice double knit stitches that make for really nice warm thick scarves.

I have several different looms.  I have my set of Knifty Knitters which are still my "go to" looms.

I also bought the Martha Stewart loom which is interesting because it's modular.

And I also have the Knitting Board adjustable sock loom.

And it's not just for scarves and hats either. 


  1. I've used the Knifty Knitters. Fun! :)

    Dana, stopping by via the A to Z Challenge

  2. It does not matter how you make beautiful things, as long as you like the finished project. Your scarves are beautiful, and I want to own that tea cozy :)


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