Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Needlepoint


I know that I already did one of my posts on cross stitching, but today' I'm going to cover one of its close relatives:  needlepoint.  Mostly because I couldn't think of anything better that started with N.

I know that some cross stitchers snub needlepoint.  I don't really see why.  They can be really complicated.  Maybe it's because you don't cross back the otherway.  I guess some people think half crosses are too easy.

For those of you that are clueless about both cross stitching and needlepoint, I used paint to make this little chart

I haven't done a lot of needlepoint.  Really, I started it when someone gave me this kit.

Cute isn't it.  Lots of satin stitches mixed in.  Then I got this kit.

Generally, unless I get random kits from people, what I use needlepoint for are stockings.  First of all, they generally take so much less time than cross stitch stockings because the stitches are bigger so you cover more area with on stitch.  It isn't to say that they're any less complicated.  If you'll notice the pictures below, the two snowman had more large areas of color but they had lots of extra accents after the fact that made it more time consuming.  Sewing those sequins on takes a lot of time.  The other stocking was graphed just like a cross stitch.  It took forever.  It had confetti stitches all over the place.  Just as complicated as any cross stitch I've done, except in half crosses.

In contrast, here's where I'm at on Kenny's very complicated and involved cross stitched stocking.

 The finished product is going to be so much smaller and flimsier (I also like the needle point canvas for it's sturdiness).  And IT'S NOT EVEN FINISHED YET!

This is why for Adèle's stocking, I got this:
Theoretically it's long stitching which isn't quite needlepoint but close enough.


  1. interesting... still, I love cross stitching!

    1. You could do it no problem. It's all half crosses with yarn. The learning curve is minimal if you do cross stitching first.

  2. Wow. I've done needlepoint and cross stitch, but only from kits that give you everything you need and nothing as intricate as what you're doing with the stockings.

    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. Happy Blogging!

    1. I only get needlepoints in kits. Even the stockings were kits.


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