Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ornament Box Update

For anyone who is fairly new the my blog, let me explain the whole Ornament Box Project.  I had this idea after the birth of my biological children to stitch them an ornament for each year of their lives.  When they got a little older, I would design a box to put the ornaments in.  It sounded fairly simple.

However, as I started work on the ornaments for my biological daughters, I thought it would a good idea to include my stepdaughter.  The problem?  She's 16.  That added 17 additional ornaments to the order (you counted 16, right?  I'll explain where the 17th comes in).  Yikes!

This year, I also gained a granddaughter so I started a set of ornaments for her.  You can see the first a few posts down.  There's a bit of drama with that stepson so I am not sure if the ornaments will continue.  I'm going to try though.

Here's how it works:

The ornament commemorating the child's first Christmas is a nativity because in our household, this is the true meaning of Christmas. I currently have all four done.

Evelyn (grandchild)
Also, each child gets an ornament commemorating her baptism.  We are Lutheran, so we baptize infants, so this occurs in the "first year."  The ornament is my own design and I only have them stitched for Zoé and Adèle right now.

For the rest of the ornaments, I do both sacred and secular.

Adèle is actually the only child who has all her ornaments stitched.  The one for 2013 is not up at this time because I am having issues with the finishing.

Zoé is missing two ornaments and has one other that needs finishing (the 2013 one).  I have the missing two planned.  One will be a Tigger candy cane kit and the other will be Mickey Mouse.  The one that needs finishing is a Britty Kitty I stitched a few months back.

Emily has about half the ornaments done.  Many of them will not be ready until after Christmas because I had to order materials and they are out of stock.  I am missing 7.  I also stitched the piece for her box and I have the box but I have not assembled it yet.  I just finished stitching one today.  It still needs finishing though.


  1. What a wonderful idea. Your ornaments are beautiful.

  2. What a gorgeous idea! I love all of the designs but the nativity ones are particularly lovely.


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