Saturday, December 14, 2013

Q and A Session

Oh look, a list of questions.  I can never seem to resist them...

1) Which fabric do you most prefer?
I am not terribly picky and I will stitch on just about anything.  I know some people despise Aida but as long as there are no partial stitches, it's an easy stitch.  I have been enjoying linen lately.  

2) What is your favorite fabric count?
Again, not terribly picky.  Right now I've been doing a lot of 32 count.  I like large count stuff with perle cotton too. 

3) What colour fabric do you most enjoy stitching on?
I recently did a few pieces on overdyed fabric (Picture This Plus, for instance) and I like them as long as they are not black.  Black is hard to do without proper lighting.  

4) What is your favorite fibre?
I just recently stepped off the DMC path and have started with overdyes.  I enjoy using metallics too.  Right now, it's probably Weeks Dye Works but it will change as I branch out a bit.
5) How many of the 450 DMC Colours do you own?
About 312 or so.  

6) Of your last 5 projects -- how many used DMC/Anchor as the main floss?
Jesus Author of Faith - DMC
Nativity - DMC
Mill Hill Holly and Ivy Santa - DMC
Christmas Rose - DMC
Gardner's Cottage - DMC
I'd say, all five

7) Of the last 5 projects, if you didn't use DMC/ANCHOR -- what did you use?
The Gardner's Cottage also has Weeks Dye Works

8) What needles do you prefer?
It depends on the count of fabric.  I like 28 tapestry.

9) What is the UGLIEST design you've encountered?
This is a totally loaded question.  We all have different perceptions and I even guest blogged on Stitching the Night Away about how my tastes have changed.  I really dislike overly "country stuff" (like the geese and such).  

10) What is the most BEAUTIFUL design you've encountered?
I have a UFO that is of the Kinkade painting "Snow White Discovers the Cottage" that I think is gorgeous.  

11) Who is your favorite designer?
I have really branched out.  I like Dragon Dreams but there are other designers that Just Cross-Stitch has introduced me to that I really like.  

12) Least Favorite Designer
I cannot say there is a designer out there that I hate but I'm not much into "country" and really primitive stuff.  

13) Will you/would you support a designer who's personal beliefs offended / angered you?
That is something I would take on a case by case basis.  I do not think that having differing beliefs is an automatic case for boycotting someone.  If the beliefs were woven into the design, I think that would be a different matter.  

14) Do you have a lamp especially made for needleworkers/crafters?
Nope.  The children would just destroy it.

15) What brand of stitching lamp do you have/prefer ?
I would love to have any kind of stitching lamp.  I used to use a regular floor lamp with a Reveal bulb in it as a poor starving college student.

16) What kind of environment best suits you when you are stitching?
I like to be in a comfy chair/sofa/recliner with my feet up with some nice music or an audiobook in the background.  I'll stitch with a TV show on but I find it distracting sometimes.  

17) Have you stitched any design more then once?
Yes, I know that I had stitched some of the teapots on the teapot banner more than once and I think I have done several ornaments more than once.  All the pieces I have done multiple times have been minis.

18) Favorite design you have stitched and finished?
I really like the Amazing Grace piece I did for my Mom.  It was the second piece I stitched and it was huge but it turned out great. 

19) Least favorite design you've stitched and finished?
I stitched a birth sampler for my ex-boyfriend's sister and never got so much as a thank you.  I wasn't crazy about the design either.

20) Last, but not least, what's your longest running WIP?
"Do Not Meddle"  


  1. Ooh I love these Q&A thingies! I love stitching with different fabrics too and have just started trying out overdyed threads. I enjoyed reading your guest blogs.

  2. I like reading all your answers! Bummer about the birth announcement. How rude of her!


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