Friday, December 20, 2013

Giveaway Day 4: Gift a Friend

Today's giveaway will work a little different.  Instead of you getting the prize, you will pick a friend to get the prize.  So, the rules are a little different.

1. You must be a follower.
2. You must comment on this post to be entered in Giveaway 4.
3. International followers welcome.
4. If your blogger profile does not have a link to your email, you must provide it in the comment.
5. If you win Giveaway 4, I will email you and you need to provide the address of the person you would like me to send the prize to.
6. Do not tell me who are are trying to win this for.  Let's keep it a surprise for them. :)
7. Winners picked on Christmas Day (or thereabouts).
**Followers following through other services such as Bloglovin', please email me to be entered.  I had to disable anonymous comments about a year ago due to spam.  My email is in my blogger profile.  Title your email "Giveaway [number]"**

Today's items:
Two charts:
Lavender Wings - Homespun - Friend of my Heart
The Drawn Thread - Two Friends


  1. Nice idea! Please enter me so I can gift someone if I win. :-)

  2. What a lovely idea! Please enter me into your giveaway. I know just the person who would like to stitch these.

  3. Kind of cool - sort of like a pay it forward! I have someone I would love to gift this too.

  4. What a fun idea! I have a special friend in mind for this, so please enter me! I'm a follower! Thanks--Frances


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