Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Advent!

I haven't blogged in a week or so.  Black Friday I got knocked flat by a cold which has now moved to my chest.  Going to the doctor next week.  There was also some family drama over Thanksgiving.   Really unnecessary drama caused by immaturity.  But, let's not get into that.  On to happier things.

First off, I cut off all my hair.  I had it this short before and liked it but disliked having to get it cut every month or so.  But I'm tired of having kids and long hair so off it went.

Zoé turned four last Saturday.  She has come so far.  She is saying letters and colors and numbers now.  She also knew exactly what presents were and how to blow out the cake.  In typical four-year-old fashion, she let out a disappointed "oh" when she opened clothes.

We also put up our tree.  We are doing all Christian ornaments this year again (for some that I have made, see my album).

I also did some holiday shopping.  Got some stuff and SCRAP and some wonderfully smelling soap.

If you can't read the tags, they are Spearmint-peppermint, Spruce and Frankincense and Myrrh

We have some trims, a skein of Fun Fur, another Mill Hill kit (for next year!), some White Aida and a decent looking frame that I thought would be good for a picture.
And finally, we had an ice storm last night.  It was bad.  School was called off.  The roads are coated in ice and it won't get above freezing until Sunday.  

Here is Zoé knocking off the icicles saying "no" for each one.

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