Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekend Wedding

This weekend was my brother-in-law's wedding in Johnson City, TX (the birthplace of LBJ).  His bride's family has a ranch there and their plan was to have the wedding down by the river.

It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive so we set off in the truck.

There's Zoé on the left, Emily asleep in the middle and Adèle over on the far right.

On the way down we stopped at the Czech Stop.  They have an awesome bakery.  Didn't get a snap of the sweet treats though but I had a huge German Chocolate cupcake.

We made it to our hotel around noon so we checked in an went looking for food.  It wasn't a large town so there weren't a lot of restaurants so we found the local barbecue joint.  Texas does know its barbecue.  They chopped the brisket right in front of me and I am sure that the barbecue sauce was home made.

After that we drove down to the ranch.  It was off road most of the way and there had been intermittent showers.  They were planning to have the ceremony by the river but chose to move it under the tent due to the rain.  Here's a pic of the river.

Just to make y'all jealous, we got gas here on the way down:

The price is not a mistake
We were only able to stay for a little of the wedding because the girls are hard to handle in public.  And then Zoé started screaming at 2 in the morning so we had to check out rather early.

I got the scarf done on the trip.  Here's a picture:

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