Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My First Britty Kitty!

I've been eyeing up several of the Brittercup Designs (especially the Britty Kitties) and I decided to do one for Zoé's Christmas ornament for this year (she isreally into cats this year).  The one I am doing is "Cat Christmas Tree" out of the JCS 2011 ornament issue.  This is also my first try working with WDW threads and I am enjoying it. I'm stitching diagonally and I like the effect.  I am using some kind of 30 ct white evenweave.

This is where the Autumn piece stands.  I love it, except for the small Symrna crosses that make up the acorn caps (I like the stitch just fine but the small ones really get tight, stitch wise).  I am using a 26 tapestry.  I may switch to a 28 for the crosses and see if that helps.


  1. That Autumm piece has really gorgeous colours!!!

  2. I love the autumn piece too! Gorgeous colours which make a lovely contrast with the blues in the fabric.

  3. Lovely progress pictures. I love the autumn one :)


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