Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Sanger has what they call "Safe Spook" where the local businesses hand out candy to the children.  We only did the businesses that were on the downtown square.  But we had fun.  Zoé was a cat and Adèle just wore a Hello Kitty Halloween shirt because I did not think she'd tolerate a costume.

I went shopping yesterday (in the rain) and picked up some Christmas Stash at SCRAP.  The Tigger ornament is going to be one of the ornaments for Zoé's ornament box.  I don't know if I'll stitch it this Christmas.  I'm a bit behind on her stuff.  Not shown was a small roll of clear contact paper I got to laminate some flashcards for Adèle. Those Mill Hill kits were 50 cents apiece :)

I also finally found a swivel knife.  I picked up some Couzzle templates cheap at SCRAP and the best way to cut them is with a swivel knife.  

I just finished up the Christmas Rose.  I just have to figure out a backing fabric for it.  

And finally, I got Zoé's school pictures back today.  Boy, school pictures have changed since my day.  I actually got to pick her backgrounds in advance and I got the "pick your size" option and I got a photo CD so I can make reprints.  She loves pictures so I'm not surprised she was so cute in the picture.


  1. Your daughter looks adorable! I'm glad she was able to have a fun and safe Halloween. When our daughter was small we lived in North Dakota, so Halloween was often cold and even snowy. A local radio station got together with businesses and the local Holiday Inn (I think) and created "Treat Street". All the hotel rooms surrounding the indoor pool were rented out for the night to businesses so children could trick or treat door to door where it was warm and dry. The DJs played music, the whole place was decorated and the ballroom was a huge display of carved pumpkins. It was a lot of fun.

    1. It was cold in Wisconsin on Halloween also and I know our local rec center often had an indoor Halloween party for the kids. You always had to plan your costume around wearing long sleeves and pants under it.


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