Friday, February 4, 2011

Still snowed in

This was the view out my window this morning:

 So the weather in North Texas keeps fluctuating.  First, it was Tuesday would be bad but it would get back above freezing by Thursday.  Now, I believe the freezing point has been pushed to Saturday afternoon.  Then it was 30% chance of 1-3 inches of snow Friday but then it became 70% chance of 5-7 inches and it was supposed to stop at noon....but it's still snowing even now.  44 snowplows were sent from west Texas to Dallas to help with the highways due to the Super Bowl.  It sounds like they imported salt as well from the story here.  So they say they will have 74 snowplows now. 

I've taken the opportunity to do some stitching.

This is Winter's Twilight Stocking (you can see it's a house now).  Work on this is definitely going faster than I anticipated with the majority being half crosses.  I think I am also going to backstitch while I go as well since the backstitch is sporadic.

This is Do Not Meddle.  He has made a complete recovery from the frogging.  The two large sections you see still blank are solid color and I'm leaving those for now to do in the hospital if I'm drugged up too much.  I started the wing on the left side as well.


  1. Nice progress with the dragon!

  2. Nice progress on both projects.
    Snow in your area.....hmmmmph


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