Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frogging the Dragon

So, I started work again on Do Not Meddle.  I knew part of it had to be frogged.  So, I stitched on it for a couple hours and realized....where I thought it had to be frogged was in the wrong place.  I just had to tear out an hour or two's worth of stitching.

I had to take out one of his legs.  See, I thought the tail was off.  Turns out it was up by the body portion.  And the dragons are mirror images so I figured it had to be done or risk looking lopsided when done.

I was able to actually finish the tail portion and start rebuilding (correctly) what I had torn out.

He's well on his way to recovery.  Not a lot left to do really on this dragon....then have to start all over on the mirror image one on the other side.

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