Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy Socks and Stocking Progress

Parsley of Seasons of my Mind is having a Crazy Sock Party today.  Here is my contribution:

In case you can't see too well, They are Cookie Monster Socks.  And here are some other feet that are so cute they don't need crazy socks.

Also, having been off work for several days this week, I made quite a bit of progress on the stocking.


  1. Joy, you are a fast stitcher....what amazing progress. Love the crazy socks & the little feet with no socks. Soon Zoe will be a big sister. Don't forget the stitching!

  2. Socks that bring smiles for sure! And no one needs to cover those cute baby toes unless they are cold.

    Nice progress on your stitching.

  3. Oh wow love the Cookie Monster socks and what cute little toes!

    Great progress.

  4. awww...really? Cookie Monster socks? I LOVE them! Got any cookies to go with them?
    Those little toes are absolutely adorable.
    Your WIP is beautiful!


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