Sunday, July 5, 2015

Today, We Say Farewell...

....To the oldest WIP in my stash!

I started this piece in 2007 or 2008.  I am pretty sure that it was after the death of my father but while I was still living at home.  I had recently discovered that there were LNSs that weren't Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann and I saw "Do Not Meddle" while I was at this LNS over by State Fair Park in Milwaukee (I fear the shop has closed since then).  I was in my fantasy phase, so I picked it up along with some nice sparkly opalescent fabric.

Yes, it's out of print.  No, you can't have my pattern. Try eBay.
I started the piece with vim and vigor and got all the lettering done.  Then, I started on the dragons and two things happened:  life and a major stitching mistake.

I blogged a little bit about that over at Stitching The Night Away.

This piece is sort of like Mel's Dragons over at Epic Stitching.  Hers took about 7.5 years.  Mine took between 7-8 years.  Mine is nowhere near as complicated as hers though.

Since I've started this piece, I've...

  • Eloped
  • Moved from WI to TX
  • Moved twice within TX
  • Had two children
  • Had both those children get diagnosed with Autism
  • Been involved in a mass layoff
  • Got my MA in teaching with teaching certificate
Without further adieu, here is what the finished piece looks like:

Do Not Meddle
Dragon Fire Designs
28 ct. Opalescent evenweave
I will have to go frame shopping soon.  I have plenty of foam board now.


  1. I have a piece like that which went through many many life changes! Congrats on finishing it!

  2. YAY!!!!! :) Congrats on the big finish!
    (This makes me want to get out my old UFOs and get stitching)

  3. Congratulations! Like Loretta I feel inspired too. I bet it feels good to have that one completed.
    What's your oldest WIP now?!

    1. Great Question. I believe it's a Koala piece which is a UFO and I'm not sure I'll actually ever finish. I think the oldest piece after that is Snow White Discovers the Castle, the Disney Kinkade piece. That piece still has years of work ahead of it since it's solidly stitched.


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