Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitch from Stash - July Update

Month: July
Amount Spent: $7.98
Amount Earned: $12

Stitch from Stash starts over.  Can't believe that July is almost over.  Soon, it will be school time again which will either mean that I get a break from the kids or I will start work.  Not sure which one yet.  I had a job interview today so we'll see.

I decided to make a change in how I do WIPs.  My WIP basket was full to bursting and I always had issues trying to choose what to stitch.  Meanwhile, I have an HAED and another solidly stitched piece that will take years of work and probably need to be worked on more.  So, I decided to pull one piece besides the two large pieces to work.  My current "wildcard" is "Jingle as Ye Enter."

I had two finishes:

Peace - The Stitcherhood
Do Not Meddle - Dragon Fire Designs - My oldest WIP!
And here is the work on my three WIPs

HAED - Butterfly Rose Cross
Snow White Discovers the Cottage

Jingle As Ye Enter - Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe


  1. Good job on sfs
    Congrets with 2 finishes, basket a bit more empty :)
    I allso have 2 haeds in my wips
    One is allready over 1100 hours so i allso try to size down my wips :)
    Greetings from holland

    1. 1100 hours. That's impressive! I'm trying not to "refill" the basket as I finish pieces.

      Holland sounds nice (I've seen pictures). Sadly, I've never been outside the United States. Maybe some day.

      Howdy y'all, from Texas.

  2. Very nice progress! I have Jingle as well, now that I see it started I think I'll pull mine out")

    1. I ended up buying some champagne linen from Nancy which is what I'm using. I also stitched "Decorating the tree" so I'm waiting until I have both done to finish them with the fusible fleece.

  3. Very nice! I have that same Snow White one too. Started on the tree, realized that the fabric was facing the wrong way and ripped everything out. Not sure when I'll start it again...


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