Thursday, July 9, 2015

Change in WIPs

I have a large number of WIPs at the moment, due to the fact that I started a bunch of pieces en mass a few years ago.  You can see all of them if you click the "Long Term Projects" tab at the top of the blog.

I decided I needed to narrow my focus so I cleaned out the stitching basket and put in both solidly stitched pieces I have, which will both take years to finish (Snow White and my HAED) and added one more other piece which I will rotate out as I get bored or finish it.  The current piece I have chosen is "Jingle As Ye Enter" by Victoria Motto Sampler Shoppe.

I got a bit of stitching done on it yesterday and added a bird.  Nancy is giving away another kit of it as part of her Christmas in July.  Such a nice lady.  I didn't enter (since I already have it) but you can.

It was a kit so she included her hand dyed floss which is wonderful to work with.  
Nancy has several other giveaways going.  I'm hoping for the $25 gift certificate myself but she is also giving away a sampler, her hand-dyed fabric and a bunch of her hand-dyed floss.  There's still time to enter.  

Who am I kidding, I'll take it all!


  1. I know just how you feel about WIPs! That gorgeous kit of Nancy's is also in my hall of shame...

  2. Glad to see you are enjoying the kit! It is one of my favorite Christmas designs.


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