Tuesday, September 18, 2012

October teapot, an ornament, an idea and a box

I finished the October teapot.

So, all I have left is March, November and December and then the corners.  It's kinda nice to be over half way.

I've cut back on my stitching a bit because my husband said that I was stitching too much.  But, I did start a third ornament in the divine set.

I had an idea.  I want my husband to build me a little shelfy thing to hang on the wall so I can put different seasonal stuff on it to change it with the seasons.  He thought it was a good idea but we'll have to get some wood.  I'll let you know if that happens.

And last, I was switching out the girls clothes (it's getting colder here, with lows in the 60s so we need pants now).  Adèle fell in love with a box.  Now I have an Adèle boxed set ;)


  1. Lovely teapots! Your hubby said you're "stitching too much"??? LOL

    1. We kinda had this huge fight about it actually.

  2. I love those teapots! Love Adèle in the box too! :)


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