Sunday, September 2, 2012 FINISHED!

Well, I finally finished primary stitching on Winter's Twilight Stocking tonight.  All I have to do is sew the stockings up.  I will also do Adèle's stocking which I was saving to finish until I had this stocking completed (it's always better to do them en masse).

Here's a pic:

We also organized our tea today.  Since Amitea opened in town, we've been trying lots of different kinds of tea.  Today we went to Grapevine so my husband could get his PG Tips loose tea as he now prefers that over the tea bags.  He also picked up some China Rosepetal Tea.  I found some Wild Rose White Tea at Central Market.  Really really tasty.  I've been into white tea and Jasmine green tea lately.  The flowers add a nice flavor with the tea.

It's best to keep your tea in containers that you can vacuum seal and remove the air.  We don't have the finances for that, so we go for the next best thing:  glass containers from World Market.  Those little ones were like $1.39 a piece and the small canisters were $2.99.  I got out my Dynmo label maker and now we can tell what is what.


  1. Congratulations! Winter's Twilight Stocking looks amazing. What a beautiful picture, and so well done. Have you chosen a fabric for the back yet? I'm looking forward to more pics :)


    1. It was a kit so it came with white fabric for the backing. I will be using that.

  2. The stocking looks great, congrats on the finish!


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