Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I started a new project

As it's getting closer to Christmas, I've started to work on stuff for my tree.  My husband wants to do the tree in only Christian symbols and ornaments this year so I'm working to make lots of stuff for that.  I already have those Christmons made (and I still have a lot more to go).  I decided to start work on the Divine Ornament set out of the Christmas Quickies book.  There will be some beadwork involved.

I have the Good Tidings about half stitched, just have to do the border.  I started the other two because I cut the Aida and wanted to make sure I found the center before I put them down.  It calls for 28 count linen but I'm using 14 ct. Aida because it's what I have and I think it should have the same effect.  But mostly because it's what I have to work with.  I don't mind Aida so much.  The stiffness should make it easier to finish.


  1. These will be wonderful ornaments. I like how you included a photo of the finished ornaments in your side bar.

  2. So pretty and what a lovely idea for a theme for a Christmas tree! :)


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