Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More on the teapots and more questions I stole from Edgar

Here's my current teapot progress.  June is finished and July only has a little more to go before the backstitching.  I plan on finishing it tonight.

In book news, I started reading Inheritance the final installment in the Eragon series.  I have to return it to the library on Saturday so I hope to be done by then.

And now, for more questions I stole of Edgar's blog

1. What other craft forms are you interested it?  Besides counted cross stitch, I also do its close relative needlepoint but only when I have a kit and I dabble with plastic canvas and latch hook.  I also have a crewel kit which I've never done but would like to try.  In non-tapestry arts, I do loom knit and scrapbooking.

2. Have you ever participated in exchanges/SALs? No.  I have two reasons.  1. My budget is tight and I just can't afford the extra for an exchange. 2. Working full time, I could not guarantee that I would finish the items in time.  Now, the time has changed but I may be going back to college this fall so I may lose my extra stitching time.  The money is still an issue as we're living off unemployment and severance right now until my husband finds a job.  I would like to but it probably wouldn't be until next year at the earliest.

3. On an average, how many projects do you finish in a year? It varies.  Looking back to my end of year 2011, I finished 13 items.  In 2010, I finished 8 items.  I'm currently sitting at 12 items for this year plus some Christmons I didn't count.  Now, not all of those finishes were CCS, I have some sewing projects and latch hook in there as well.

4. Who is your favorite supplier of cross stitch fabrics? They closed the local LNS here so I'd have to drive to Dallas or Plano to find one so I generally order online from abcstitch or 123stitch.  I also just discovered Stitch n Frog so I may try them out the next time I need fabric.  However, I'm enjoying Scrap where I got the linen for my teapot project for 50 cents.  Beat that!

5. Do you always change the recommended floss in a pattern or usually stitch the suggested? I stitch the suggested.

6. What is your favorite companion while working on a project? I would like to say my daughters but the truth is they try to run off with my pattern books, my floss, my scissors and my project.  They even got into two boxes of my DMC and "reorganized" it for me.  That was a mess to sort out.  Occasionally, I get to stitch by myself and watch something that I want to watch on tv but that's pretty rare.

7. Do you take your project along when you are on vacation or visiting family?  It depends.  If it's a long car ride, I will try to take something with me.  But if we were flying or something, I would need all my attention on the girls so nothing would get done.

8. Have you worked on beaded projects?  I have done one kit that was entirely beads for some Christmas ornaments.  There were beads in the Fairy Tale Sampler and the Whitework sampler I did and I just finished a Mill Hill Kit.  I don't mind beads but they're a bit tedious with the girls running around.

9. What kinds of finishes have you accomplished? I've done pillows, banners, ornaments, and other miscellaneous kinds.  I only frame small pieces on my own.

10. How many hours of stitching do you get in a week? Well, I used to only get in 4-10 or so but now that I'm not working it's more like 20+

11. How many countries have you visited? I've never actually been outside the U.S.

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