Saturday, July 14, 2012

I returned to Scrap....[gulp]

My husband wanted to go for a drive so I said, "let's go to Scrap."  That store will be the death of me.  Here is my haul:

Two sets of patterns of Texas Monthly Minis.  They have the charms needed as well.  I thought they were cute.  And they were $4 for both.

Another Mill Hill Kit.  
Yet another Mill Hill Kit but this one's for my hubby (he likes wine as well as tea)

Some random fabric, felt and white backing for my Christmons

And then I went to Michael's because I noticed that all my sz 24 tapestry needles look pretty gross but they were out so we went to Jo-Ann's.  I don't like the Jo-Ann's here, it's kinda small but I don't like the new brand of stuff that Hobby Lobby carries.

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