Sunday, July 29, 2012

Framing and Frogs

So, I did indeed finish the stitching portion of the frog:

Now, he just needs to be turned into a needlebook.  I dug out my scrap batting and my pinking shears and the felt and ribbon that I got at Scrap.  I will probably start construction tomorrow.

I would have done it today but my stepson asked me to hem his new khaki pants.  They turned out nicely.  Makes me more confident about hemming his Buckle jeans that need hemming.  My husband let me hole up in the bedroom (too much pins and cutting involved for little ones) and so I watched and episode and a half of BSG.  He hates it so I watch it when he's not around.

The other thing I did today was to finish the edges on my plastic canvas Christmons.  They look 10 times better.  The perforated plastic for cross stitch finishes well but plastic canvas just looks too unfinished unless you run yarn around the edges.  Pictures to follow in the next day or so.

I've also been contemplating some framing.  I found some ones at Scrap the other day that I picked up and I picked up a few more from Goodwill tonight.  Hopefully I can get some of my finished pieces out of the storage tote and onto the wall.

Got this frame for $1 at scrap.  I hope it will do nicely.  I bought the backing board from Hobby Lobby with some stainless steel pins.  I hope it fits.  The frame is plastic so if the back doesn't fit I'm kinda stuck.  I won't be using the glass so hopefully I won't have any problems.

This frame was $3 at Goodwill and had a really freaky picture of Jesus in it.  I tossed the picture and I have a kinda cheap slightly damaged wood frame.  The husband is going to spray paint it white, light pink and light blue and I have the backing board for this as well and it will go in the girls' room.

I bought a few other frames too but they may or may not fit what I have.  I may save them for future endeavors.


  1. The frog is brilliant. So cute!

  2. Your framed pieces look great (like you took them to a framers!), and that frog is adorable. Can't wait to see your finished needlebook :)


  3. I love getting frames at thrift stores too. Sometimes I'm looking for a certain size or color, and sometimes I get some for future projects, just in case! What a great deal.


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