Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home stretch on the frog...

Yesterday, I did a bit of shopping.  Got some Mill Hill beads for a project I want to work on.  Got some Kreinik for the current project.  That was a wild goose chase.  The pattern says 101 blending filament but there isn't a 101 blending filament.  I went with 001 because it's silver which is what it's supposed to be and 100 was white so that couldn't be right.  Got a few nice frames at Scrap and decided to catalogue my fabric and the stuff I want framed because you can find very nice frames at thrift shops and I'm fairly comfortable at mounting stuff.  I would have taken pictures of them but I can't right now.  Maybe later.

The frog is coming a long.  Here's a fresh pic.  Should be able to finish him today.


  1. What a cute, cute, cute Froggie! Normally, I'm not a fan of the blasted frogs, but I love this one! Great stitching! :)


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