Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Year in Review

Today was definitely an up and down year.  I had Adèle in February, was forced to move in April and got carpal this fall.  I didn't really get my goals done.  So, let's look at what I did get finished.

I worked a lot on Christmyth:

I finally finished this as a banner for the girls' room:

Then I made this for my mother:

And I made some stuff for my friend Shelly:

And I made a PIF for Parsley:

I made myself a wedding sampler:

And some other miscellaneous stuff:


  1. Congratulations, that is an impressive list and very lovely stitching! My favourite is the cat you stitched for your mom.

  2. What beautiful projects! The Noah's Ark & cat were my personal faves....surprised you accomplished so much in 2011.


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