Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Advent service and a birthday

November 30 was Zoé's second birthday.  We celebrated it on Thursday because I couldn't get Wednesday off.  We ordered out Pizza Hut and she opened up her Mega Blocks that she got from us.  Now they are all over the living room.

We let her open one present on her birthday.  She piled her favorite stuffies on it instead.

We also had her cash in her piggy bank because it was full.  At our bank, they have a special account just for kids with your very own piggy bank and you get a prize every time you make a deposit.  So, she picked out the kitty cat.

Our tree is also up.  The 7 1/2 foot tree sure looks a lot smaller when you only have 8 foot ceilings instead of a 10 foot ceiling.

Tonight was the ladies' Advent candlelight service.  We did a table.  Here's what it looked like when it was all done.

 Mine was definitely not the fanciest table.  But I picked the nativity and the angel on purpose because it's an advent service.  I heard a couple of people comment on that they never would have thought to do a nativity (most of them were just generic holiday/Christmas decorations but one person did have a light up church) so maybe I'll set a trend for next year.  Wasn't going to do cloth napkins but I got that set of 8 for $5 at Tuesday Morning.  What a steal!  And they have a leaf pattern so they'll work year round..

I will be playing with my birthday/Christmas present soon.  But I'll save that for a different post.


  1. How sweet! Happy bday to her! Love how the bank rewards kids.

    Nice advent and Christmas decor. This time of year really makes me smile.

  2. Your Advent table looks beautiful! I wonder what your birthday/Christmas present is... can't wait for your next post!


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