Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Birthday/Christmas Present

This year for my birthday/Christmas present, I got a sewing machine.  It's the Brother Project Runway Limited Edition computerized sewing machine and it looks like this:

I never used to sew much by machine.  I took a summer school sewing class once but I never had a nice sewing machine.  I inherited my grandma's machine but it was old and didn't sew so well anymore.

I did a bit of research before deciding on a machine.  I was looking at the Singer Simple which was cheaper but this one had more features and it came with a bunch of accessories
My main concern was the feet which get to be pricey if you have to buy them.  It's also a free arm.

I used it a bit tonight to do some sewing on my first project which was a pair of pajama pants for my husband.  I got black flannel for it and cut out the pattern pinned it and started sewing.  I love this machine already.  It has a needle threader and the bobbin is extremely easy to put in, no complicated bobbin casing to deal with.

Realized that the pants I made were much too big. My husband wanted me to start over but looking at the pattern, I realized I only had to take it in on the size by about 2 inches on each size and I was able to salvage it.  Just have to do the elastic casing and the hem for the bottom.  So far, so good.

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