Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hi everyone!

I've had a lovely Christmas.  The girls got lots of nice new toys and we have been invaded by Little People (the Fischer Price ones).  We also have a bunch of Chuck the Trucks running around as well.  We will be weeding out the toys next week (we rotate them so they get "new toys" every once and awhile).

The top picture is Zoé in her new Perry the Platypus pjs.  Zoé is two now and has no words.  Let me repeat that: absolutely no words.  She also doesn't respond to her name very well either.  We just had her evaluated and have specialists coming out twice a week to work with her.  She also has a hearing test scheduled so we will find out if it's hearing or not.  She is enjoying her toys though.  Adèle is doing well.

I've been thinking forward to next year's stitching.  My carpal tunnel is getting better so hopefully I will be stitching again next year.  Here are my goals:
I want to do this piece in honor of my in-law's 50th wedding anniversary.

This was supposed to be my brother-in-law's present but I couldn't do it because of my hands.

Then again, I would like to finish my DH's stocking:

And I need to find a stocking for Adèle, but I haven't shopped for one yet.

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